New Invasions rules & New Dragons!
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New Invasions rules & New Dragons!
Cytat:New Invasion rules: Relics & Dragons

One of the new elements has to do with a unique relic that can be found in each fort and castle. With the new Invasion system, the enemy becomes vulnerable when its full set of ancient relics is stolen. In addition, if a particular Realm collects all of an enemy?s relics, there will be an opportunity to summon its own legendary ancient Dragon!
Alasthor, Vesper, or Tenax, will haunt the enemy borders to help each Realm capture the enemy?s Realm Gate and achieve the ultimate goal: Invasion!

Featuring dragons not only adds a cool new visual element, but will make invasions a lot more balanced, dynamic and fun.
Each battle going on in any fortification to obtain its relic now becomes a very important step towards invoking the Dragon and completing an all-out Invasion against an enemy Realm!
Don?t forget to visit our ?Screens? section for images of these awesomely redesigned winged creatures!

Finally, and as promised, Invasion rules are being completely redesigned!
Added to Dragons, capturable Realm Gates and Relics, the new mechanics will focus on make Invasions become a much more frequent event, since it won?t be necessary to control all of the enemy?s fortifications to make it vulnerable!

Finally, we are happy to reveal that Champions of Regnum expansion will be ready to play as a VIP Preview later this month! This VIP Preview will reward current and former players for their loyalty over the years by allowing access the expansion early. There?s no cost involved, but we hope you will provide feedback necessary to optimize the content prior to the official launch.

That?d be it for this week!
Stay tuned! A lot more info regarding completely new features in Champions of Regnum coming up next week!
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